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Hey look!

Squirrel! won this week but again without a jackpot again!

sooooooooooooo our topics this week are…………
In the news
Famous locations
Adam Sandler movies
annnnnnddddddd our team pick this week…..
Once upon a time (tv series)


Half the band…

congrats to 2 non blondes on the win but it was also a non jackpot

So our topics for this week are…………….

current television
annnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddddd 20th century wars!

as usual, can’t wait to see everyone Tuesday!!!!


Week 3 results and topics!

Hey all first off sorry for the lateness of this BUT congrats to our week 3 winners (but still unluckily not drawing the jackpot) Shadow over Portsmouth

Our topics for this week (tomorrow) are…

80′s glam rock
Time Magazine’s top 100 novels
and out team selected topic this week…. Comics!!!!

See you all for beer and fun tomorrow!

Week 2 results: “knuckle” up

Congrats to week 2 winners the Moose Knuckles, who just edged out reigning champs The Regulars!

But alas the did not draw the wining chip so our pot has once again rolled over…

and our topics for this week:

Before and After
A river runs through it
And as chosen by One is better than none… Bravo TV Shows!

Can’t wait to see you all for beer, friendship and fun on Tuesday! ┬áStudy up!!!

Week 1: Just a “Regular” Night

Congrats to “The Regulars” on narrowly winning our first ever Pub Quiz!!

Sadly though they did not pull the winning chip so the pot rolls over into next week where the categories will be…..

Historical places
and as selected by the team “without Renee, we are lost”…. Theater!

Hope to see you all there! Registration starts around 7:30, questions start just after 8! So come on by, grab a pint and have some fun!