Pub Quiz Rules

Note: These rules have been graciously plagiarized from They will likely change/evolve over time… 

  1. There is a one drink minimum per player ( A team of 5 that buys 5 pints total, as an example is OK, not everyone has to DRINK the pint but one must be purchased to cover that player.) Teams that do not meet this will be penalized at the discretion of the Quizmaster.
  2. Teams may be comprised of no more than six physically present individuals. No other people besides the team members can be at your table.  There is no minimum team size.
  3. Entry fee is $5, cash only, per member
  4. No outside help for questions, and no inanimate team members. Please don’t call people on your cell phones, download web pages on your PDAs or sneak in volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica in your shorts. We’ll be watching you and the other teams will be watching you too.  No one wants to lose to cheaters.
  5. The quizmasters are the final arbiter of truth, beauty, fashion, justice, all questions and other matters of Pub Trivia policy. Even if the results appear unfair, inaccurate, rude or obscenely biological, don’t argue. It won’t help.
  6. Any rule not included herein may be created on the spot by the quizmaster and enforced with brutal abandon.
  7. The game is composed of four rounds of ten question each. At the end of each round, you’ll turn in your answers, we’ll grade them, and then make fun of your scores.
  8. In the event of an overall tie, the tied teams shall be asked a tie-breaker question. The team with the correct (or closest to correct) answer will win the game. In the unlikely event that more than one team puts down the same winning answer, the round will go to the team that gets in their winning answer first.
  9. At the end of the evening, we’ll total up the scores and the team with the most points will get a chance to win the rolling jackpot.

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