Hopped up?

Hop heads took the win but not the pot as we move into another week of exciting quiz action!

Just a reminder HoP happy hour ends at 6:30 just as registration starts so get in early for a great deal on great beer!

also despite what you may have heard on the radio NO we have not changed time or day!!!!!

rant aside your topics this week are….

Bands (by picture)
The films of Keanu Reeves
and our team topic for the week….. Constitutional Amendments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two of our regular teams joined forces to form One is better than B-sac and take home the win AND jackpot! So we start new odds this week with the topics of….

Major League Baseball players (pictures)
Directors by Film
AND….. Public figure deaths

See you all Tuesday! until then don’t forget to Shake it off!

A good try to…

Take the money and run! Our winners by only a half point this week failed to live up to their name, so we have $175 going into next week and 50/50 ODDS OF WINNING THE POT!!!!!!

The topics this week are…

cartoon characters (by picture)
Authors by book titles (I’ll give you a few book titles you tell me who wrote that set of works)
And Bar drinks!!!!!

Another “One”

Another victory for One is better than none but no Jackpot

So this week will be about a $200 jackpot

with the topics of…

Urban dictionary definitions
TV show’s by cast (pictures)
And Disney movies!

See you all at Pub Quiz