And the Sac rolls on

Congrats to B-Sac on their third straight win! BUT no jackpot! The pot currently has over 150 dollars in it and it will grow again this week. Be sure to get there for your shot at it!

In Beer news our old friend Agravain Amber is back! Hoppy Red ale? Red IPA? You decide! Get a pint while you play!

And of course or topics for this week are…..

Sean Connery Movies
Car company Logos
And our team picked topic…. One-Hit-Wonders!

See everyone at the same Bat-place, New Bat-time as questions fly at 7!

Sac Up

Congrats to B-Sac this week on another win! The new time slot was great, thanks to all that came out!

Remember the new start time is 7 so get there early to sign up, Get in before 6:30 to enjoy HoPpy hour from 4 to 6:30. 8 Beers on tap right now guys! Get in to try the New HoP Honey Helles (amazing) or the Saison HoP (also really great) and don’t forget to tell ‘em Brave Brave Sir Robin sent ya!!!! See you Tuesday

The topics for this week are……….

Jim Henson & The Henson Company
Songs and Lyrics
Cosmetics brands
and or team picked topic…. Famous Chefs!

A win and a break *TIME CHANGE NOTE!*

After a win by B-sac, we took a week off to thank our Veterans

We are back this week at OUR NEW TIME!!!!!!!!!! Registration starts at 6:30, Questions fly at 7  (despite what you may have heard on the radio) which means we will finish around 9 instead of 10!!!!!

and the topics for this week are

Fictional Geography (places from t.v., novels etc that don’t actually exist)
California Beer Labels
Heroes (super and not)
AND Pro Football!!!!!

See everyone at the same bat channel, NEW bat time!

Better than none

Congrats to Two is better than none on the win but no jackpot so we go into this week with the topics of….

Product logos
and………… as chosen by our team this week………BEER!

See everyone Tuesday for beer, trivia and fun!