About HoP

House of Pendragon Brewing Company is located in Sanger, California where owner and Brewer Tommy Caprelian grew up and went to school. House of Pendragon is the first and only microbrewery in Sanger, CA and any expansion to the brewery will most likely remain in Sanger. Tommy made his first homebrew batch in 2006. His interest first peaked when he watched a television segment on homebrewing. He decided to give it a try. It didn’t take long before his interest grew deeper. He soon expanded his brew system, joined the local homebrew club (Worthogs), and studied brewing. After attending Siebel Brewing Institute Tommy’s passion for beer grew even deeper and his recipes became more complex. The next step was to go pro. He got his chance working for Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company as the Assistant Brewer and Quality Control Manager where he learned to put his brewing education into practice. After working for Tioga Sequoia for a little over a year, Tommy knew it was time to venture out on his own.

Even though he had a very small budget to work with Tommy was determined to pursue his dream of starting his own craft brewery. He worked tirelessly to put a brewery together piecing together what he can. It all started with a 1 barrel (31gallon) system and four 1 barrel fermenters. Not being able to afford proper brewery temperature control for his fermenters, Tommy had to rely on cold rooms that he built himself. House of Pendragon’s (HoP) first brew day was in February 2013. Coco Crusader was the first batch that was made on a professional level. Beers, such as Coco Crusader, Lancelot, and Guinevere were the first that were showcased in pubs and restaurants in the Fresno and Visalia area.

News spread quickly about the new brewery in town. Word got around that HoP was offering something new and unique to the Central Valley. Anytime a HoP beer was put on draft at one of the pubs/restaurants, fans had to hurry in within a few hours to get some before it was all out. Before long, a cult following was formed. To keep up with demand an upgrade was made to a 3 barrel system and six 3 barrel fermenters. Opening a HoP tasting room was the next big step!

Tommy wore many hats in the beginning. Not only was he brewing the beer, but he also took on the role of marketing, graphic design, social media, sales, and delivery. Tommy’s wife, Nora, became increasingly involved on the business side and management. They worked hard and long hours, but always kept moving forward. The demand was there and so was the drive to meet those demands!

The tap room in Clovis was launched on April 12, 2014! More and more craft beer lovers have discovered this great hangout where they can find the finest beer in town straight from the tap, fresh from the brewery! The space is just as extraordinary as the beer and guests feel comfortable in this cozy and friendly environment! We welcome new faces and loyal regulars alike!


The brewery, located in Sanger, has also opened its doors to the public Fridays-Sundays. Guests can tour the space as they sip on the freshest brews and enjoy food from a food truck (check social media for info on who will be there – currently just Saturdays). The community loves coming out to the brewery and hanging out where they can have a rare sighting of the brewer himself!

Expansion! We started with 1,700 square feet and a 1 barrel system. We progressed into a 3 barrel and then into a 5 barrel system. We have now expanded to 8,500 square feet and a 15 barrel system! The size of this expansion will allow us to keep up with growing demand without compromising the quality that we are known for!

The brewery is separated into two parts. We will now be able to focus on brewing styles that we were unable to in the past. One side focuses on traditional styles such as Lancelot, Coco Crusader, Agravain, and Zealous. The second brewery is used for Belgian and farmhouse style ales. We have wanted to do these styles in the past but size constraints did not allow us to do so.

Thanks to all of our faithful supporters for standing behind us as we continue to grow!